About Us



Customer Service Phone Numbers is an online directory enquiry service that provides you with Customer Service and Helpline Telephone numbers. Many companies make it hard for you to find a contact number for them. They tend to offer an online form to fill in, or suggest that you read the FAQs. This because the resources they need in order to deal with customer calls, costs them time and money. CSPN has been set up for your convenience so you can contact a real person to help you with your query at the chosen company quickly and easily.

We make sure that our service is convenient, helpful, and transparent. Our directory service is not free and is charged through the use of Premium Rate numbers. When you call this number you are charged £1.53 from a BT landline and more from other networks. You are then given the number that you searched for in the form of a recorded message. The idea is that you can then either call the given number yourself, or more conveniently, we can connect you.

Our team of researchers have compiled a list customer service numbers and helpline numbers that are hard to find for different companies across the UK. We constantly monitor our systems to make sure that we have to most up to date customer service phone numbers f or your convenience.